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Chris is an avid science communicator and takes every opportunity she can to share science with the public.  You can find Chris online in the following locations, often as the Dragonfly Woman.

The Dragonfly Woman Blog

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Chris began the Dragonfly Woman blog in 2009, a science communication blog highlighting insects and related sciences.  While she doesn’t post as often as she used to, the blog still receives 1000+ hits a day and ranks highly in searches.


An avid insect and nature photographer, Chris is very active on Instagram.  She uses her Instagram account as a science education tool, highlighting interesting entomological and biological information alongside her photos. You can find her @bug_lover.


Chris shares insect related news, particularly aquatic insect news, on the Facebook page associated with her blog.


While she hasn’t been as active on Twitter lately as she has been in the past, Chris sees the great value of Twitter as a science communication tool.  When she finds time to post, she does so @dragonflywoman2.


Chris has a channel on YouTube where she posts periodic educational and nature videos.

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences Blog

Chris is one of the primary bloggers at the NCMNS blog.  You can read more about nature and citizen science in her posts on the blog.

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