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Peer Reviewed Publications

Hurlbert, A. H., Hayes, T. E., McKinnon, T., and Goforth, C. L. Caterpillars Count! A citizen science project for monitoring foliage arthropod abundance and phenology.  (in review)

Goforth, C. L. Do children make good citizen scientists?  Learning outcomes and scientific accuracy in an afterschool citizen science educational program.  Connected Science Learning.  (in press)

Parsons, A. W.; Goforth, C.; Costello R.; and Kays, R.  2018.  The value of citizen science for ecological monitoring of mammals. PeerJ 6:e4536.

Ellwood, E. R.; Kimberly, P.; Guralnick, R.; Flemons, P.; Love, K.; Ellis, S.; Allen, J. M.; Best, J. H.;  Carter, R.; Chagnoux, S; Costello, R.; Denslow, M. W.; Dunckel, B. A.; Ferriter, M. M.; Gilbert, E. E.; Goforth, C.; Groom, Q.; Krimmel, E. R.; LaFrance, E.; Martinec, J. L.; Miller, A. N.; Minnaert-Grote, J.; Nash, T.; Oboyski, P.; Paul, D. L.; Pearson, K. D.; Pentcheff, N. D.; Roberts, M. A.; Seltzer, C. E.; Soltis, P. S.; Stephens, R.; Sweeney, P. W.; von Konrat, M.; Wall, A.; Wetzer, R.; Zimmerman, C.; and Mast, A. R.  2018.  Worldwide Engagement for Digitizing Biocollections (WeDigBio): The Biocollections Community’s Citizen-Science Space on the Calendar, BioScience, bix143,

Goforth, C. L. and Smith, R. L.  2012. Subsurface behaviours facilitate respiration by a physical gill in an adult giant water bug, Abedus herbertiAnimal Behaviour 83: 747-753. doi:10.1016/j.anbehav.2011.12.023

Goforth, C. L. and Smith, R. L.  2011.  Chorionic respiratory morphology of Abedus herberti (Hemiptera: Belostomatidae).  Journal of Morphology 272: 796-801.

Goforth, C. L.  2010.  Behavioural responses of Enallagma to changes in weather (Zygoptera: Coenagrionidae).  Odonatologica 39: 225-234. Link to manuscript

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Phillips, M et al, 2016.  Incorporating K-12 outreach into digitized biocollections programs.  Best practices white paper developed at the iDigBio educator workshop in Washington, D.C., 12/2016.

Goforth, C. L.  2008.  Pollination efficiency of Osmia lignaria in almond.  Report to the USDA, Carl Hayden Bee Research Laboratory.  28pp.

Goforth, C. L. and Walker, D.  2007.  Macroinvertebrates and their relationship to water availability and streamflow in Middle Rincon Creek, Saguaro National Park East.  National Park Service Report.  42 pp.

Walker, D., Goforth, C. L., and Rector, S.  2005.  An exploration of nutrient and community variables in effluent dependent streams in Arizona.  Environmental Protection Agency Publication Number OFR 05-09, 179pp.

Popular Literature

Goforth, C. L.  2017.  Dragonflies Rule at BugFest.  North Carolina Naturalist, 25(2): 6.

Goforth, C. L.  2016.  Dragonfly Detectives.  North Carolina Naturalist, 24(3): 10.

Goforth, C. L. & Hogue, G. M.  2016. Unlocking hidden treasures. North Carolina Naturalist, 24(2): 11.

Goforth, C. L.  2017.  Getting Started in Citizen Science.  The Affiliate, Special Edition: 7.

Goforth, C. L.  2016.  Dragonfly Detectives.  North Carolina Naturalist 24 (2): 10.

Goforth, C. L.  2013.  Swarm of the Dragonflies.  North Carolina Naturalist, 21(3): 6-7.

Published Photo Examples

Science Communication Examples

Facebook Live video featuring the City Nature Challenge 2017

Video by BASF Crop Protection featuring the 2017 BugFest theme insect, the dragonfly.

State of Things interview on WUNC highlighting dragonflies for BugFest 2017.

Public Radio International piece on dragonfly swarms.

Completely Optional Knowledge podcast episode about the fastest insect in the world.

Theme insect webpage for BugFest 2017


Inclusion Committee.  North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.  2018-present

Local Host Committee (chair).  Citizen Science Association.  2017-present.

Citizen Science Day Committee.  Citizen Science Association.  2017-present.

Board Member (Communication Chair currently).  Environmental Educators of North Carolina.  2016-present.

EcoExplore Scientist Mentor.  North Carolina Arboretum.  2016-present.

Raleigh Volksmarch Planning Committee.  2016-present.

Association of Science and Technology Centers Citizen Science Community of Practice (chair).  2015-present

Planning Committee, Impacts Program for Youth.  2014-2016

SciMatch. 2013-present

Graduate Committee (committee in charge of graduate student requirements and admittance of new students).  Department of Entomology, University of Arizona. Fall 2004 – Spring 2006.

Website Development Committee.  Department of Entomology.  University of Arizona. Fall 2002 – Spring 2008.

Entomology Seminar Series Coordinator.  Department of Entomology, University of Arizona.  Spring 2008, 2004.

Leader of PCRA (Entomological student organization). Department of Entomology, University of Arizona.  2006 – 2007, 2002 – 2003.