Goforth Profile 1Chris Goforth is a citizen science practitioner, entomologist, and educator based in Raleigh, North Carolina.  She is currently the head of citizen science for the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.  She holds degrees in biology and entomology.

Chris’ role at the Museum includes developing and leading citizen science projects, conducting research on citizen science, conducting research on dragonflies using a citizen science approach, coordinating and promoting the overall citizen science program at the NCMNS, and engaging the public in hands on citizen science experiences through educational programs.  Most of her programming takes place outdoors at the Museum’s field station, Prairie Ridge Ecostation, where she puts her entomological and environmental education training to good use.

On any given day, you may find Chris wrangling dragonflies with elementary school students, writing scientific publications or blog posts, posting NCMNS citizen science activities on social media, training volunteers to collect data, working to develop citizen science exhibitry, or offering training to teachers who want to incorporate citizen science into their curriculum.

Chris is passionate about science literacy and hopes that she can help people understand science more effectively through participation in citizen science projects.  She is also passionate about aquatic insects of all types and hopes her work will help people everywhere learn to appreciate the many amazing things insects do in our world.